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Benjamin Heim

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Benjamin Heim is an Australian composer and multimedia performer specialising in immersive art music events and the intersection between technological innovation and expressive classical performance. Benjamin is the founder of OUREYES Collective, a London based group focused on art-through-social-media and innovative performance of contemporary music; as well as being the co-founder of Argo, an Australian immersive events series. He has collaborated with, and been commissioned by, the likes of Queensland Music Festival, Brisbane Writers Festival, Anywhere Festival, Nonclassical, The Queensland Symphony Orchestra, St John's Cathedral, and Nonsemble. He holds a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours from the University of Queensland and is currently studying at the Royal College of Music with a Soireé D'Or Scholarship.

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Immersive Concerts

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I am a specialist in the creation of immersive art music events which transcend standard concert practice and integrate live visuals, surround sound, and contemporary classical performance. In 2015 I co-founded the immersive concert series Argo and went on to produce six concerts over 2015-16, collaborating with the likes of The Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Brisbane Writer's Festival, Queensland Music Festival, Anywhere Festival, and St John's Cathedral. A summary of my work in this period can be found here. In 2016, upon my arrival to London, I founded the group OUREYES COLLECTIVE to continue my creation of immersive experiences. My next immersive concert PHANTOMS will debut at The Royal College of Music on the 30th April 2017.   

Contemporary Classical

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|| Babylon ||


Babylon is an exploration of form and timbre that develops out of a fluid and gestural introduction into flowing rhythmic movement. While this work is categorised as a violin solo, the recording makes use of sound design and manipulation to enhance the violin sound, heighten detail, and generate organic textures. Also included below is a remix of the original composition that was created for Argo's Light Play concert. This version was originally in surround sound but has been summed down to stereo so please enjoy with headphones for effect.


|| Storyteller ||


Storyteller is an ongoing project that delves into creative typesetting and will eventually explore the psychological effect of music presentation on performance. It is a song cycle with texts taken from landmark literary works in a variety of ancient languages including Akkadian, Sanskrit, Latin and Hebrew. The piece is scored for bass voice, violin, cello, electric guitar, piano, percussion and sound engineer. 


Electronic Music

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|| Etudes for Electronic Percussion ||


These Etudes for Electronic Percussion are based around experiments in sound design and creating expressive electronic instruments intended for live performance. The etudes are performed on a Roland SPD sending MIDI to a laptop running Ableton Live. All the patches are highly velocity sensitive, in terms of volume, timbre, tone, and even panning – this allows the performer to create highly expressive and nuanced interpretations. The patches required to play the piece may be downloaded below, as well as the full score.